The outdoor season finished on a wet note but with an excellent game at home to our friends from Byfield.

Thanks to Nigel, Ron and Eric, my outdoor season finished on a high, thanks again lads.

I have had great pleasure in my role as Press Officer for the club and I also managed to please Steve at the BG. 

From the Press point of view, I have been able to report on great success for the club in both the County and at Leamington. It is great when a plan comes together.


Back to Sunday's game which was brought to a sudden halt, as we all abandoned ship when the Heaven's opened with a sudden deluge. The rinks were shared two apiece, with Byfield edging the game by one shot, 56-55. In the spirit of the game we loaned June and John Bone along with recent new boy Chris to our visitors to complete their line-up. You could say that the Bone's made a major contribution on the two rinks that went in Byfield's favour. John went in at lead, helping his new found team mates to a 17-8 win over Bob, Jenny, Andy and Terry, whilst June used her local knowledge to help her adopted rink go even better, with a 18-7 victory against Jim, Mo, Sue and Pete.


Thanks to the excellent trio around me, who covered my mistakes as we romped to a 21-9 win, and finally our captain Keith who has worked hard throughout the season in getting teams out and who showed his skipping prowess as, with help from Eloise, Melody and Graham he led his rink to a 19-12 success.


If only we had given the opposition someone else instead of the Bone duo!


That's it for the outdoors, next month we will be back indoors, where I will try to avoid a wrong bias and the potential hazard of my wood ending up in the swimming pool.


I will put my pen to paper again in the spring.


Our run of defeats continued on Thursday evening when we travelled down the road for an evening game at Adderbury and returned home having lost 75-115. This made it five losses in a row.

Mal's rink with Jon P, Graham and myself led after 15 ends only to let it slip and go down 12-18. 

Bob R, Sue Winter, Tony Lawford and skip Tom McKenna really suffered at the hand of the opposition, losing 13-35.

Mo moved to the back end of the rink and skipped Eric, Andy and Terry and things looked good until they dropped a six on the 19th end which led to their 19-21 defeat.

Bob Wilkins' rink with Sue Waring between two Ray's, unfortunately not of sunshine, were chasing the game from the start and ended on 16-25.

Our final rink skipped by Ron C, with Ann, Jane and Alan setting things up for him was the big plus of the night with their 21-15 shot win. Was the inclusion of two girls in this rink that made the difference.


Saturday's return match against Rugby Rail was was extremely tight but we managed to get back to winning ways, albeit by one shot, 110-109.

Andy, Sue Waring, yours truly, with Terry at skip won 19-12. I must have had some good wood's during the afternoon.

Eloise, Mo, Tony Smith and skip Jim had a much needed 27-16 win.

Kay, Jane, Ray and Tom Rogers found their opponents much to strong and lost 9-29.

Our triple on the day, Pete and Jill with Pam at skip had a tight game only to lose 17-21.

Pauline, Keith, Eric and Will who also looked after the bar, lost by one shot (the bowling kind) 18-19.

Last but not least, Paul at skip had the pleasure of bowling with Chris, Sue Winter and Jenny (two ladies again!) and came off the green with a 20-12 victory.


Byfield at home will hopefully be another win.




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