The club had a mixed bag of results this week.

On the bad side - an avalanche of a defeat for the 'A' team away to Headington, a more appealing result for the 'B' team in their home victory against Chadlington and continuing success by our ladies league side away to West Witney.


The 'A' team rink results saw Ian and Luke Gilbert, Graham Morbey and Keith McNeil produce the closet result losing 13-23.

Alan Carter, Paul Humphris, Mike Andrew and Will Campion also picked up 13 shots but conceded 30.

Stuart Boyd, John Pardoe, Keith Williams and Nigel Galletly lost 11-32, whilst Jim Gow, Lionel Lewis, a certain A.N. Other and Lee Young went down 12-27.


The 'B' team shared the rinks 2 each but took the game 75-58, with the 29-7 victory by Tony Lawford, new member Alan Roche, Graham Tilbury and Tom McKenna wrapping up the points.

Central other winning rink was John Hart, Terry Ulph, and  the two Ronnies, Havard and Cox, 20-16.


In the ladies league game at West Witney, Gill Sharpe, June Bone, Sue Waring and Mo Cox looked set for a win before dropping a five on the last end and sharing the points with an 18-18 scoreline.

Kay Oliver, Jane Williams, Myra Lewis and Pam Shepherd had to play second best, going down 13-27.


Jenny Williams, Jil Hart, Helen Young and Caroline Campion trounced their opposition 26-7 to tie up the game with a 57-52 overall scoreline andCentral returning home with a 7points to 3 victory.


The local friendly at Byfield was also a success for Central with a 87-67 win.

Jim Gow, Jill Hart and Terry Ulph won in style 30-10 as did Jane Williams, Ian Gilbert and Keith Williams 19-8.

Mike Hughes playing with on song Eloise Jones nd Tony Lawford recovered after a drinks break to record an 18-10 win.

Central two other rinks treated their hosts more kindly with Jenny Williams, Luke Gilbert and Sue Waring losing 13-19 and Kay Oliver, John Hart and John Pardoe being over generous losing7-20.

The warm welcome by the hosts was certainly returned by a hot Central performance.

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Sunday, 27th of September 2020