An exciting week for the club resulted in another heavy win for the ladies. Both mens league teams gained valuable league points. But the ‘A’ team relegation fight will go to the wire.

The ‘B’ team drew and intriguingly the way it’s going in this division makes good copy for all to read.

The friendly home game was against Chandos Park, what a difference a week can make a 27 shot win followed by a 40 shot defeat. You win some, you loose some. A bad day at the office.

The scores in all games as follows: Ladies first: Carole Galletly, Jenny Williams, Anne Norton and Mary Tee - a game of two halves, from 10-2 down to win 18-15.

Caroline Campion, Myra Lewis, Jane Williams and Helen Young a convincing win 29-8.

Pam Shepherd, Eloise Jones, June Bone and Mo Cox another big win 22-13. This gave an overall total 69 to central and 36 to Witney Town.

The ‘A’ team away against West Witney saw wins for Nigel Galletly, Jim Gow, Bob Joiner and Lionel Lewis by 27-19 and also Will Campion, Alan Carter, Paul Humphris and Lee Young by 18-16.

Defeats on the other rinks for Ian Whelpton, Stuart Boyd, John Pardoe and Michael Andrew 10-23, and likewise for Keith Mcneill, Ian and Luke Gilbert with Graham Morbey 17-21. The overall result going 4-2 to West Witney.

The ‘B’ team against Bicester, resulted in a big win for Tom McKenna, Alan Roche, Graham Tilbury and Keith Williams 34-12.

Three defeats in other rinks for Ron Cox, John Hart, Terry Ulph and Ron Havard 18-24.

Ed Creed, John Bone, Paul Dobson and Tony Smith 16-26, also Mal Leather, Tony Lawford, Eric Trinder and Bob Wilkins 19-20, thanks to the cracking winning rink score they held on overall to win 87-82 shots giving the result 3-3.

The friendly home to the Buckingham based club, three triple defeats, Keith Williams, Sue Winter and Eloise Jones 11-21. Terry Ulph, Andy Winter and Jenny Williams 16-20.

The biggest defeat included myself with June Bone and Jill Hart 8-36, sorry ladies I could not see the woods for trees.

Well done Nigel Galletly, Pete Buzzard and Ron Havard a win 21-19
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Sunday, 27th of September 2020