The "A" team were again in winning ways beating Witney Town at home by 81 shots to 55. The scores as follows:

Nick Spencer, Ian Whelpton, Bob Joiner and Mick Andrew won 26-11.

Chick Boyd, Andy Winter, Andy Wilkin and skip Keith McNeil won 25-9.

Alan Carter, Ian Gilbert, Les Campion and skip Will Campion lost 17-19.

Lee Young, Like Gilbert, Graham Morbey and skip Nigel Galletly lost 13-16.


The "B" team put last week's loss behind them with a win away to Thame by 80 shots to 52.

John Pardoe, John Sole, Bob Wilkins and Keith Williams won 21-12.

Alan Roche, george Ferguson, Dave Davies and skip Tom McKenna won 20-15.

John Hart, Tony Carey, Ron Havard and Jim Gow won 25-10.

John Bone, Bob Brown, Graham Tilbury and Ed Creed lost narrowly, 14-15.


The ladies were again in terrific form comfortably beating Woodstock/Kidlington away 56-36. 

Melody Sykes, Jane Williams, Mary Tee skipped by Carole Galletly won 18-9.

Mo Cox, June Bone, Gill Sharpe and Caroline Campion won 16-14.

Jenny Williams, Jill Hart, Pam Shepherd and Pat Ray won 22-13.


A mixed team had a local derby away to Byfield and the rain kept off for an enjoyable game with the host's recording a

69-66 win. The rinks were shared two each with both the Central winning rinks recording 10 shots voictories.

Allan Hunt, Bob Brown, Graham Tilbury and skip Bob Joiner won 21-11 whilst Chris Allcraft, Gill Hunt (nice to see Gill bowling again), Tony Carey and Andy Winter won 24-14. Kay Oliver, Mike Highes, Dave Davies with Keith McNeil at skip lost 14-20. Jenny Williams, Randy Chaney, Terry Humphries  and skip John Pardoe for their opponents too hot to handle, going down 7-24


Weekly Report, May 12th.


Having finished last season as runners-up, the "A" team are looking to try and go one better this year.

Their opening fixture away to Witney Mills saw them gain a 4 points to 2 win with a 71-59 scoreline.

Lee young, Luke Gilbert, Graham Morbey and skip Nigel Galletly laid down the foundation with a 24-4 victory.

Chick Boyd, Andy Winter, Andy Wilkin and Keith McNeil picked up their point with a 21-18 win.

Alan Carter, Ian Gilbert, Les Campion and Will Campion lost on the last end by one shot, losing 14-15, whilst Central other losing point came via the four of Ian Whelpton, Nick Spencer, Bob Joiner and Mick Andrew who lost 12-22.


The Central Ladies started their Wednesday night league programme against Kidlington / Woodstock.

At the end of the game, the teams could not be separated with the scoreline reading 52-52. Central however managed to win on two of the three rinks to take the game.

The winning rinks were Mel Sykes, Jill Hart, Pam Shepherd and Carole Galletly on 17-15 and Kay Oliver, Gill Hunt, Helen Young and Caroline Campion 23-16. Jenny Williams, June Bone, Bev McNeil and skip Pat Ray went down 12-21.


The Men's "B" team entertained local rivals Bloxham and despite a 21-9 win for Mal Leather and his front players, John Pardoe, Bob Wilkins and Keith Williams, the other three rinks lost out. George Ferguson, Tony Carey, Dave Davies and Tom McKenna lost 13-21, John Bone, Bob Brown, Graham Tilbury and Ed Creed went down10-22, whilst John Hart, Tony Smith, Ron Havard and Jim Gow finished on 10-2 leaving the team adrift on 54 shots to 77 and a points deficit of 1-5.


Sunday's mixed triples match at home to Buckinghamshire based Chandos Park BC resulted in a 65-56 Central victory.

Jackie Humphreys, Graham Tilbury and Andy Winter led the way with a 22-10 scoreline, followed by Jenny Williams, Terry Humphreys and Dave Davies winning 15-13. John Bone, Mel Sykes and Keith Williams lost by one shot 16-17, with Mike Hughes, June Bone and Jim Gow missing out on 12-16

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