A week ago today, the club overcame the high tide to record a success against the north Yorkshire, Castleton Tourists.

The match like the weather produced heartbeat moments but both clubs put in a 'reet grand' performance, with the host attracting the biggest catch over eighteen ends, by 95 shots to 84 and 4 rinks to two.


The rink scores were as follows:

Jenny Williams, Eric Stewart, Ed Creed and Paul Humphris led the way for Central with a 22-6 win.

Jackie Humphreys, Lieran Buzzard, Carole and Nigel Galletly 25-13.

John Hart, Mike Hughes, Pam Shepherd and Chick Boyd 18-11.

Mary Tee, Terry Humphreys, Sue Waring and Bob Joiner 16-11.

the two central rinks that took hospitality a little too far were;

Kay Oliver, Jane Williams, Mal Leather and Keith McNeil who lost 8-26.

Eloise Jones, John Sole, Tony Lawford and Keith Williams 6-17 

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Monday, 25th of May 2020