Having despatched Headington's 'B' side at home in the National Club Two Fours, the next round brought us up against their "C" side on their own green.

Despite the poor weather Central put in a strong performance, winning easily 45-19 with the home team wisely pulling stumps at 15 ends to avoid further embarrassment.

Alan Carter, Bob Joiner, Keith McNeil and Will Campion picked up an early 7 on the fourth end to take command and never looked troubled winning 24-10.

On Central's other rink, lead Lee Young put in a stellar performance, ably assisted by Andy Wilkin, leaving the back end of Graham 'Little Dot' Morbey and Nigel Galletly with little to do in winninng 21-9.

Central's next game is at home against the third of Headington's Holy Trinity, their 'A' side, which we expect will be a more challenging task

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Monday, 25th of May 2020