Ensure that you observe the correct dress code for the game that you are playing in.
Arrive in plenty of time to change into match clothing and if a collar and tie is worn for the game, ties should not be removed until the Captains permission has been granted.
Immediately on arrival make your presence known to the Captain of the day.
Confirm your playing position and ensure that you have any additional equipment you will require during the game e.g. Chalk, Measure, Wedges, Calliper’s, Pen, etc.
Unless proscribed by social distancing regulations you should shake hands with your opponent/opponents, before and after the game.  
Always stand at least 1 metre behind the mat when your opponent is about to bowl. Stand still and keep quiet.
Do not damage the green by bouncing your bowl. If done persistently you could be asked to leave the green.
When at the head, you should stand behind the jack and well away from the head.
A skip should keep quiet once one of his own team’s bowls has come to rest and an opponent is on the mat.
Opponents should not be distracted whilst they are in possession of the rink and their bowls should not be ‘talked’ into a losing position.
Acknowledge the opposition’s good bowls and accept their good fortune, remembering that we all have favourable ‘wicks’ at sometime.
Instead of criticising other greens, remember that your opponents have to play there regularly and be thankful of your own green, which at sometime will also be subject to criticism from opponents.
Before you criticise your own green, reflect on all the other greens you have bowled on.
Before criticising other members of your rink or team, be honest with yourself and assess your own performance.
Be humble in victory and generous in defeat.
Always clean up after yourself and help to put away the jack, mats, scoreboard and measuring sticks.
After the game, it is customary to offer to buy a drink for your opponent, and in a singles game, also the marker.
It is courteous to stay for the after match meal. However should you have to leave immediately after the game, let your captain know no later than before the start of the game. Give your apologies to your opponent and buy them a drink before you depart.
  • Website Updated: 15.06.2021.